Ms. Donna L. Quesinberry

Author, Entrepreneur, Poet

Laughter and Other Considerations

Laughter and Other Considerations



Ms. Donna L. Quesinberry is an author | poet | senior business writer with a 30 yr. history. She earned accreditation to accommodate a dual B.A.B.S. & C.S.B.S. and a Certificate of International Affairs focused on Eastern Europe and the Middle East. She earned 1/4 of a MBA and has been educated in theology at 500 hrs. most as a Sunday School Teacher.


She has broadcast live and taped on CNBC regarding women's issues during Anita Hill hearings and for varied podcasts, streaming radio, etc. As a single mother, she raised five successful adult children and is a grand-mere' to eleven wee sprites. Donna coaches while managing multiple business tracks including, dpInk Ltd. Liability Company where she is Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) featuring a business development, capture administration and proposal architecture / technical communication management consultancy; DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. where she is Founder and President of her small woman-owned Indie publishing initiative; ZenCon Arts where she is President of her small woman-owned media and public relations consultancy; and J. F. Cole Mercantile, trading since 1889 where she is the Proprietor of the Airbnb Suite in her historic home shared with her adult son who sustained a work-related traumatic brain injury (TBI) in 2003.


Donna is an avid reader / writer and is fond of angelic (before the fad), spiritual and supranormal books; also fantasy, intrigue, political, SyFy, thrillers and women's issues. She has written over 10,000 articles and stories, published in varied guises. She's served as a syndicated columnist for four columns. Q, as her friends call her, has also created, designed and developed courses for business, parochial and university classrooms.

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Stolen Lullabies and Secret Impasses

Stolen Lullabies and Secret Impasses

Book Development 101

Book Development 101


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