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Dr. Ophelia DeVore-Mitchell's niece Candy, shares iconic stories, and images, of infamous rap and hip-hop family in Faces of Rap Mothers. Through a minimalist aperture, contributors join Candy in sharing stories behind rap and hip-hop's most well-recognized Superstars. Trysts, and histories, are set apart from lifestyles of the rich and famous. Rising from the shadows of performers, the women who love these giants provide readers access to life as cousins, nieces, mothers, sisters and/or wives of rap and hip-hop's greatest performers. Familial journeys that could have easily inured even the strongest of women, are demonstrated and these ladies thrive amidst elements of "soul" found in, Faces of Rap Mothers. Jeffrey Collins, a music industry icon, wrote the foreword.

Faces of Rap Mothers by Candy Strother Devore Mitchell Hardcover