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“Faces of Rap Mothers,” by Candy Strother DeVore Mitchell is a first of its kind collaborative compilation, published by Beat Deep Books. This title shares gallery images and back-stories of women who are artists, business owners, relatives or mothers of Rap and Hip-Hop’s most infamous Superstar Icons.


Candy’s minimalist approach represents the important women who educated, nursed, represented, supported and upheld rap and hip-hop through their shadowing of its Icons. These women rise in the shadow of their Ultra-Famous Rap and Hip-Hop brethren who they love.


One can only imagine being the cousin, niece, mother, sister or wife of an infamous personality, quietly observing the rank and file within the media and music industry where waves of success involve the ebbs and flows of the tides of life where extreme highs and extreme lows in the path of stardom inure the strongest; however, the elements of soul remain at the core of each of these women’s lives and it shows in, “Faces of Rap Mothers.”


There are six (6) initial editions, 1) print soft cover in b/w, 2) print soft cover signature edition in b/w, 3) soft cover in color, 4, print soft cover signature edition in color, 5) hard-bound in b/w, 6) hard-bound signature edition in color - digital copy will be released in four months.


Releasing in summer of 2019 . . . pre-release purchases are fulfilled "first."

Faces of Rap Mothers by Candy Strother Devore Mitchell