Hannah was as pure as snow and she knew what she wanted. Born into a loving and traditional family, she grew up on a farm, in Bohemia. With her beautiful princess like physique she was too beautiful for her own good; and was taken advantage of by men.


After being unlucky in love she met Roger. Roger had been brought up by an unhappy, sexually confused single mother, who simply saw the world as an evil place. He was the grandson of a prolific rapist judge, whose son, Peter, became a homosexual while attending his father’s secret parties as a young boy. Several years later Peter had been raped by Sarah, Roger’s own mother, for her to conceive Roger and to fill a whole in her lonely world.


While he was aware of the evil taking place around him in the family courts, he couldn’t control his lust for power and money, which in turn simply went beyond his control and on his path to power he was asked by one of the New World Order’s henchmen to be part of something which even for him was simply beyond the pale.


He had a very close bond with his mother, and after destroying several beauties psychologically and ending up with an identity crisis, Roger spends a summer sabbatical living in a cave in the Lake District as a part of his healing process.


Roger returns to his native France as a new man. For the love of Hannah, he patiently waits for her to be charmed by him, and the long wait has tamed him further.


Now entering middle age: will Roger finally find peace with his love, or will he revert-back into his old dungeon?

In Wordsworth's Shadow


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