During the winter of 2019, a deadly virus emerged in Wuhan China and the Chinese government forgot to mention it to the world. A Pangolin (rare creature resembling an Armadillo) originally took the blame, followed by clandestine acts of nefarious governments, and culminating in a bat who escaped, then infested, the Chinese meat market not known for its sanitary proclivities.


In "Quarantina" we hear a large gong being struck causing a bat of considerable size to escape through a white bio-lab door. The bat zooms through the meat market, dramatically soars up into the sky, and turns from dark brown to red-green in color. The furry creature's texture turns to ooze and falls to the consumptive accolades below. Behind the reassembled bat appears a caduceus as two ghostly Chinese ancients bow with hands together and fingers pointed at chest level . . . we then hear a soothing female voice chanting from the either . . . "Quarantina."

Quarantina by Satirist-Author Wayne Tatum


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